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Operating one of the newest fleet of coaches in the West Midlands

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If you're taking seventy people on a long journey, a small coach isn't going to help matters at all! Size matters when you're hiring a coach, and some decent enough coach companies won't be able to help you because they don't have the right sized vehicles.


Our fleet is ready for parties of all sizes on all occasions: with coaches ranging from 12 to 75 seats, we'll be able to get your party on the road for the right price! All coaches have wheelchair access.

We've all had that long journey that just wouldn't end: nothing to do and horrible seats! You can only spend so much time watching the scenery going by before it starts to get dull. But your journey doesn't have to be an ordeal: we've got luxury coaches with comfortable seats. Passing the time's no problem either as we've got TVs, DVD players and CD players available on all coaches.

Making your journey more pleasant

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Stop long journeys from getting uncomfortable

There's nothing worse than being stuck on a stuffy coach in high summer and needing to go to the toilet. Even a short journey can start seriously dragging when you're stuck in this situation. If you want to avoid this, you should book a coach from Aziz Coach Service. Our vehicles have onboard bathroom facilities and air conditioning - perfect for summer trips!

Luxury coaches at practical prices for all occasions!

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Luxury coaches at practical prices